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University System of Maryland Hagerstown

Civil & Environmental (M.Eng.)

Civil Engineering is one of the most diversified professions that exists today. Our entire environment is touched upon in some manner by civil engineers. Extensive planning systems are needed for the control of the earth's air, water, and land resources. In order to meet the present challenge and the inevitable demands of the future, it is very important that the civil engineer's formal education include the technical capability required for handling the new engineering problems that arise from our industrial-oriented society.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers advanced education at the M.S. and Ph.D. levels in Environmental Engineering. The graduate program in Environmental Engineering provides a core background in water chemistry, environmental biology, and process dynamics. Advanced course work in water and wastewater treatment, bioremediation, pollutants and risk, ground and surface water hydrology, and air pollution is available.

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