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University System of Maryland Hagerstown


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The USMH/WCPS Art Show artwork can be viewed here.

The gallery features artwork from high schools in Washington County.

2020-2021 - USMH Art Show Winning Artworks

*Best in Show - Mckensi Williams (12th) “Dear Honey” (BISFA)



1st - Jessica Geng (12th) “Morandi Flashback” (St. James)

2nd - Nash Pena (12th) “Ripe Reality” (St. James)

3rd - Lucy Juedemann (9th) “Octopus” (NHHS)



1st - Katy Kwon (12th) “A$AP RAINBOW” (St. James)

2nd - Sabina Noel (10th) “Beyond” (St. James)

3rd - Ava Demers (11th) “Memento Mori” (BISFA)



1st - Kami Fitz (11th) “Darken Poise” (BISFA)

2nd - Emma Simpson (11th) “Self Portrait” (BISFA)

3rd - Rachel West (10th) “Two Bridges” (BISFA) 


Digital Media  

1st - MJ Moran (12th) “A New Day” (BISFA)

2nd - Nicole Starliper (11th) “Untitled” (Hancock)

3rd - Phoenix Cardwell (11th) “Untitled” (BISFA)


3D (Sculpture/Ceramics)

1st - Ileana Ekins (10th) “Senseless” (BISFA)

2nd - Michael Pivovarov (10th) “Eastern Front” (BISFA)

3rd - Bradley Powers (12th) “Plastic Bag Dress” (BISFA)

Mixed Media

1st - Len Zhao (9th) “Humanity” (BISFA)

2nd - Justice Smith (11th) “Coy” (SHHS)

3rd - Logan Wasilus (12th) “Orange You Glad” (SHHS)