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University System of Maryland Hagerstown

Enrollment at USMH

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Press release from The Herald-Mail:

"Enrollment at the University System of Maryland at Hagerstown campus has increased 16.3 percent since last fall, the university announced Friday.

The current semester’s headcount is 549, which includes undergraduate and graduate students, according to a university news release.

The data, released by the office of institutional research at the University System of Maryland, is preliminary and will likely be higher when final numbers are reported, USMH Executive Director Mark Halsey said in the release.

Enrollment has grown steadily since USMH opened its doors 10 years ago due to an increasing number of program offerings and more area students choosing it as their higher education option, Halsey said.

He said this year’s bump is the result of an expansion in the nursing program; an increase in the number of social work students; growth in graduate education programs offered through Frostburg State University; and growing enrollment in new programs offered by Coppin State University, the newest partner at USMH.

“We should be able to sustain or even grow the higher enrollment number as there are plans for an additional expansion in Towson’s nursing program, and new programs are on the horizon,” Halsey said.

In addition, the recent approval of regional tuition rates for nearby out-of-state students may increase interest among students who live within a short driving distance to USMH because they will no longer have to pay the higher out-of-state rate, he said.

USMH offers more than 20 undergraduate and graduate programs from six Maryland state universities."