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University System of Maryland Hagerstown

Nursing seniors hang their uniforms

Written by lcumber Posted: 0 Comments

Congratulations to our Towson University nursing seniors who got to hang their uniforms! 

City of Hagerstown public works employees used a bucket truck to assist the nursing students in hanging the uniforms more thank 20 feet up on the USMH building. It is believed that the tradition was born out of a strong dislike for the nursing school uniforms students wore in the 1960s. In this era, Johns Hopkins nursing graduates would hang their nursing shoes on fences outside the school. The shoes were an unattractive brown color and were uncomfortable to wear. This progressed into the 1970s, when students would display their uniforms because it was the last time they would wear their clinical uniforms and soon would be allowed, upon graduation, to wear their "whites." In current times, nursing uniforms have improved much in style, and the tradition is carried on to declare success in completing the intensive nursing program.