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Social Work Students Take On Local Project to Help Women in Need

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As a requirement for their social work practice class, students at Salisbury University at USMH were asked to plan and implement a project to serve social needs in the local community.

Inspired by class readings, lectures and personal experiences, each student team was challenged to identify opportunities for a community or organizational problem-solving project and document the process to present to their peers.

When looking at the needs of Washington County, the Macro Evolution Group chose to serve the CAMEO House, a program of the Washington County Health Department.

The proposed project included providing a gourmet meal, gently used clothing and some personal toiletry items to CAMEO residents.

The CAMEO House serves pregnant women and mothers of Washington County with substance use and mental-health disorders, and provides an environment where their children can live with them while in treatment.

The long-term residential program provides a range of services, including intensive treatment, pharmacotherapy, family and parenting services, educational/vocational services, and ensuring residents' medical, dental and daily needs are met.

Coordinating the event at the CAMEO House seemed a natural match for the group members and the activities and services they would be able to provide.

When meeting with the CAMEO House to propse the idea, the staff members were supportive and said their residents would greatly benefit from the opportunity.

The Macro Evolution Group delivered a gourmet meal, which was provided by a local Hispanic church, Iglesia de Dios Jesus Pan de Vida, meaning, "The Church of God Jesus is the Bread of Life."

Clothing donations from friends and family also were collected.

In addition to the meal and supplies, the group provided some family-oriented activities for the women and children. The students said they were excited to facilitate the event, which was sure to bring an opportunity for fun, building connections in the community and rewarding women working hard to raise their children while building a foundation in long-term recovery.