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University System of Maryland Hagerstown

Emergency/Inclement Weather Information

It is the responsibility of the Executive Director of USMH to make the decision to close USMH because of inclement weather in Hagerstown.  Every effort is made to make closing decisions as early as possible.   If USMH is closed, all classes and offices of all partnering institutions at USMH are thereby cancelled/closed, regardless of the status of partnering institutions’ main campuses.  When USMH closes due to weather, USMH staff will assist in electronically notifying all students in all USMH classes through the text and email Alert! System, by posting to the USMH website, and by notifying local media.

When the following universities’ main campuses are closed due to weather, but USMH remains open, their classes at USMH will be held as scheduled, and normal staff operations of these universities at USMH will continue: FSU, TU, SU, UMGC.  At Salisbury University, if SU is closed and main campus classes are cancelled, then the classes at USMH are also cancelled.  If any regular or adjunct faculty member teaching at USMH with any university believes it is unsafe to travel, they should notify their university’s administration in the same manner as any other class cancellation.  They must also take responsibility to call, text or otherwise notify each of their students and USMH immediately of such a class cancelation.  USMH only notifies students of class cancellations when the entire Center is closed and all classes are cancelled.  When a faculty member cancels a class for any reason – weather, personal health, or otherwise – USMH will confirm the status of the class when contacted, but will take no responsibility for passing on details or messages (e.g., about make-up class meetings, how students should handle assignments, etc.).

You may also receive alerts via your phone or e-mail. Simply text 'hagerstown' to 79516 or visit the website to set up an account.

WHAG TV 25Antietam Cable Channel 19 and the following radio stations will also broadcast USMH closings.

MIX 95