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University System of Maryland Hagerstown

Student Council

Build Your Resume. Succeed In Service.

USMH Student Council (USMHSC) began in Spring 2010. Since that semester USMHSC has successfully negotiated a reduced student parking rate, welcomed students back with a free coffee or pizza bars, ensured that the student voice was represented in Annapolis during the annual legislative sessions, participated in numerous community service projects and helped community leaders raise scholarship funds to make college more affordable for students.

USMHSC will continue to improve and expand the amenities and services available to students, and building a stronger and more united student community. USMHSC uses several communications tools to make it easier for students to connect and share suggestions and comments through Facebook, e-blasts, and USMH digital signs.

To learn more about the USMH Student Council, attend a meeting, or call or email us.

The USMH Student Council is a great way to gain valuable leadership experience, while helping to make USMH a stronger and better place.


Meetings will be determined by student schedules. Please fill out the online application for membership.


For more information, contact Sarah Illyn at or 240-527-2712