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University System of Maryland Hagerstown

Frostburg State University

Founded in 1898, Frostburg State University is a comprehensive, regional university. It is the only four-year institution of the University System of Maryland (USM) west of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, thereby serving as the premier educational and cultural center for western Maryland.

Frostburg State University is distinguished by an excellent, diverse faculty, dedicated staff, and service to the communities of western Maryland. The primary program emphasis at the University is high-quality, affordable education.

The University acknowledges its responsibility to enrich the educational opportunities for students throughout the State and to provide programs and services responsive to the cultural, community service, and economic development needs of the region.

Through USM, Frostburg offers upper-division courses leading to selected undergraduate and graduate degrees. You can visit Frostburg’s website at or, to see what Frostburg has available at USMH, visit


Cameron Dennison

Liberal Studies
Dr. Nevada Winrow

Dr. Marty Mattare

Dr. Christopher Masciocchi