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University System of Maryland Hagerstown

2018-2019 Scholarship Awards Announced

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The University System of Maryland at Hagerstown (USMH) has announced the scholarship awardees for the 2018-2019 school year.

In order to qualify for these scholarships, students had to be currently enrolled or starting in programs at USMH. They also had to be at the junior level or higher and have a B or better grade point average. As part of the application, students submitted an official transcript, a letter of recommendation, and a short essay about their educational goals and service to others. A committee comprised of USMH staff and board members determines the recipients based on the criteria.

The general USMH scholarships are funded through the proceeds of various fundraisers that are held throughout the year including the annual Elizabethtowne Feaste and Frolic.

In addition, the Magnolia Foundation scholarships are a result of donations made through the Waltersdorf/Henson challenge grant campaign conducted by the Community Foundation of Washington County. The City of Hagerstown, Board of Washington County Commissioners, Citicorp, the estate of Florence Graff and an anonymous donor who supports STEM programs all made significant gifts to this fund resulting in named scholarships.

The following students from USMH’s partner institutions will be receiving scholarships (* indicates student is receiving a scholarship for the second year in a row):

Washington County Board of Commissioners

Katherine Dunn—Social Work, SU

Giovanna Papa—Early Childhood/Elementary Education, FSU


Taryn Evans*—Business Administration, FSU

Eric Lokken—Business Administration, FSU

Florence H. Graff

Brooke Gaylor*—Early Childhood/Elementary Education, FSU

Megan Lewis—Early Childhood/Elementary Education, FSU

City of Hagerstown

Carmen Jones*—Psychology, FSU


Ashley Magliaro*—Nursing, TU

Fletcher Foundation

Hannah Woods—Psychology, FSU

Magnolia Scholarship

Stacie Baust—Early Childhood/Elementary Education, FSU

Kelsey Breakall—Psychology, FSU

Corinthian Carr—Master’s in School Counseling, FSU

Morgan Drenner*—Early Childhood/Elementary Education, FSU

USMH Scholarship

Anna Fiora—Master’s of Social Work, SU

Sonya Goebel*—Early Childhood/Elementary Education, FSU

Hannah Graff—Nursing, TU

Victor James—Psychology, FSU

Lexie Jentzsch—Early Childhood/Elementary Education, FSU

Catherine Johnson—Master’s in School Counseling, FSU

Jennela Kamara—Nursing, TU

Angel Kurtz—Social Work, SU

Carley Robinson—Nursing, TU

Sarah Shilling—Early Childhood/Elementary Education, FSU

Chelsea Umberger*—Master’s of Social Work, SU

Rebeckah-Reed Young—Early Childhood/Elementary Education, FSU


The scholarship awards reception will be held on Thursday, July 26th at 7 p.m.  Congratulations to these students!