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University System of Maryland Hagerstown

Blended Learning Enrichment Seminar Held at USMH

Written by eharman Posted: 0 Comments

USMH was host to the seminar, “The Present and Future of Blended Learning” on October 17. The day-long event, led by facilitator John Sener, explored the concept of blended learning.

Sener, founder and CKO of Sener Knowledge and author of The Seven Futures of American Education, brought his expertise to USMH to answer the questions: What is blended learning? Why is it receiving so much attention, and why are more and more educators using it? What is its present state and what is its future? The workshop explained what is happening now with blended learning and what’s on the horizon. The seminar also helped the nearly 60 attendees to understand the advantages and challenges of blended learning more clearly and how to use it effectively to improve learning and teaching. Mark Halsey, USMH executive director, commented, "The highlight to me was the significant expression of interest and engagement in hybrid/blended learning which, when done well, has the potential for producing exceptional student learning. Participants learned the benefits of combining face-to-face classroom delivery and purely online delivery, and they also learned about the value, and were provided examples of, using blended delivery to create more effective learning experiences."